While working with mother of three Monique, occupational therapist Krystle looked for a way to support her to build therapy into her new daily routine and develop her fine motor skills.

Monique lives with multiple sclerosis, a progressive neurological disease which affects her central nervous system. It makes it difficult for her to do many things including cooking and enjoying simple pleasures such as making a cup of coffee due to challenges with her memory, sequencing, and shaking hands.

Krystle supports Monique to stay active in her daily life and find new ways of completing tasks she finds challenging. When Monique shared a story of her parents gifting her a Bialetti many years ago (which had sadly since broken), Krystal saw this as a great opportunity to incorporate Monique’s love of coffee into therapy.

Using money from the Everyday Independence ‘Everyday Magic’ fund, Krystle bought Monique a new Bialetti.

Monique now makes a cup of coffee to enjoy while practicing her fine motor abilities to operate the Bialetti such as twisting it open, fitting the funnel into the fittings, pouring the coffee grounds into the container and lifting it to the stove. Monique is also practising safety skills to operate the stove and sequencing steps in the right order.

As part of our team therapy approach, our physiotherapist Ryan is supporting Monique with ways she can independently make sandwiches for her children’s school lunches which helps her to practice her fine motor skills and saves the family money on lunch orders.

Well done Monique!