At Everyday Independence, we take our culture very seriously.
Our values shape our work community and our shared purpose to deliver a high quality, meaningful and professional service that we are proud of. In our most recent team survey, our teams rated Everyday Independence as 8.5/10 or higher in terms of employee engagement and a great place to work.

We are committed to building teams of skilled, engaged and happy allied health professionals that move us toward our goal of being a world leading therapy organisation. We do this by fostering a collaborative environment that embeds a person centred and coach approach in our everyday work and interactions. We invest heavily in best practice through clinical excellence, learning and development and innovation. We collect data so we can evidence and celebrate our achievements and learn from our mistakes.

Our organisational structure supports our belief that everyone is important. We value and cultivate an environment where you can talk to anyone and be heard, sharing a range of perspectives and solutions is encouraged and welcome. We support each other to be the best we can be and we all work towards the same vision. We know, that together we can make a positive and meaningful impact of the lives of our people, our teams, people with a disability and the world.