We want to be recognised as a World Leader in person centred Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy. Having highly skilled therapists that can drive strong outcomes is central to this goal. We have high performance standards and invest heavily in our team members so they can deliver strong outcomes and progress as a therapist or other team member type.

We use an evidence based approach to learning and development and our clinical excellence team drives our learning and development programmes. Each team member has a learning and development (GROW) plan that they develop annually with their development coach. The plan will outline individual learning goals and the pathway to achieve them. This is then supported by a variety of programmes to meet the need and style of the therapist. Learning is embedded our daily work at Everyday Independence and the programmes happen daily.

  • We learn by doing: supports are available for all team members as they deliver support to the people that we work with.
  • We learn by reflecting: Development Coaching is available and requirement for all therapists.
  • We learn by listening: Our mentoring programme is available for all team members to access when they need specific teaching about a specific skill.
  • We learn by sharing: We have active learning communities across sites by video conferencing and meeting together.
  • We learn by collaborating: We use a team therapy approach for many participants with collaborative goal setting, interventions and report writing.
  • We learn by seeking: We have a professional development investment programme for learning external to our organisation. We believe that conferences, courses and accreditations are valuable opportunities for team members and these are supported via application.
  • We learn by rewarding: Our annual clinical excellence awards provide financial support and scholarships for learning.
  • We use technology: our intranet that is accessible anytime and anywhere you have a mobile phone connection is updated weekly and rich with information and evidence to support learning.
  • We value evidence: Evidence based practice is hallmark of everything that we do. An evidence based approach is embedded into all of the above.