As an organisation that is committed to learning and excellence, we have a transparent and detailed career development pathway for all team members.

Amongst our therapy teams we have:

  • Graduate therapists
  • Early Career therapists
  • Consolidated Practice therapists
  • Advanced Practice Therapists
  • Team Leaders

Each therapist has a comprehensive development plan with mentoring, coaching, and project roles embedded in the levels and signposts towards career advancement.

We also employ allied health assistants and have a range of administration roles. These people in these roles have opportunities for developing skills and taking on new responsibilities that suit the person’s abilities and ambitions.

Each member of the Everyday Independence team has a supportive manager and clear job role and performance expectations, which makes for an engaging and motivating workplace. Similar to the way in which we work with participants we believe that everyone should have goals and a clear pathway with signposts to reach them.