Our team of highly skilled and passionate Occupational Therapists (OTs) support people of all ages and abilities to achieve their desired goals. These goals can vary greatly from person to person, but the focus is always on building skills and confidence to participate in everyday life activities.

A key part of our OT’s role is inspiring people to think big, to believe in themselves and to have the courage to discover what they can achieve.

“Often we see people set their own limits on what they think they can and can’t do and they can be nervous to try to reach new goals. We paint a picture of what is possible and walk alongside them, no matter where they are on their journey. To help them step outside of what they know, to experience new things, and to grow,” said Monique Yabsley, Occupational Therapist.

While participation looks different for each person, Monique shares her top tips for increasing participation.

Monique’s Top Tips to Increase Participation

  • Find activities that are meaningful.
  • Be your biggest advocate. Let the people around you know what you want to achieve, your dreams and goals, and what’s important to you.
  • Be bold – don’t put limitations on what you can achieve.
  • Make a checklist of actions that are needed to participate in your desired activity and work on it every day.
  • Ask for help when needed. Your Everyday Independence therapy team is here to help you overcome the barriers that are holding you back.
  • Break your long term goals down into smaller manageable goals that you can work on, and celebrate as you achieve them.
  • Keep expanding your experiences and go beyond your comfort zone, as this is where personal growth happens.
  • Every day is a new chance to try again- celebrate every win and don’t be hard on yourself.