June 10, 2020

At Everyday Independence, we empower the people we support to be in control of their therapy and keep practising and improving beyond every therapy session.

When therapy is integrated into your daily life routine, you have a better chance of using your new skills in the places you spend your time, not just when you’re in the therapy hub.

Our therapists look at what you are currently doing in your daily routine, or what activities you could be doing where you can practice the skills you want to learn or build on.

They can also arrange for a Habit Coach to help build and support therapy into your everyday life routines to help you achieve your everyday goals. Habit Coaches are allied health assistants who work under the guidance of your therapist as part of your therapy team.

We know that families are busy and have lots of commitments. When parents are looking for ways to support their children to build their capacity, we suggest they use the time they already spend with their child to practice the skills we focus on in therapy sessions.

For example, a mother now uses movie time with her child to support them to develop emotional regulation. When watching a movie together, mum pauses the movie briefly and talks to them about how the characters are feeling.

A dad is using the weekly clothes washing as an opportunity to achieve his goals. As he bends down to take clothes out of a basket and stretches to hang them on the line, he is improving his balance, moving his arms and legs, and increasing his muscle strength and fitness.

Habit Coaches – an important part of your team

Habit Coaches can support you to achieve your goals by visiting you frequently in between your therapy session to help you develop routines and practice new habits.

For example, if you are working towards a goal of catching the bus to work, a  Habit Coach would visit you in between therapy sessions to support you to build the skills you need to achieve this.  This might include supporting you to practice a new morning routine, read the bus timetables, use your travel card, know what bus stops to use, and travel with confidence.

There are many ways in which therapy can be integrated into your daily routine.

Each person is different, and our therapists will work with you and your support network to identify opportunities where you can practice your therapy.