March 26, 2020

To meet people’s individual needs and circumstances in this period of COVID-19, we’ve expanded the way we deliver our therapy services.

New and existing participants and their supports (their families or paid services) can connect with their occupational therapist, speech pathologist or physiotherapist in a range of ways including:

  • in-person, with strict precautions in place to manage safety
  • over the telephone
  • online via video conferencing and calls

While online therapy offers a new way of delivering therapy, participants will continue to receive high quality, best-practice support from our therapists in these sessions.

Online therapy is a legitimate service delivery that increases access and choice for participants who cannot have an in-person therapy session.   The evidence suggests that therapists can build rapport effectively and we are excited to offer online therapy services to support people to adjust to their ‘new normal’.

We are continuing to support people with in-person appointments, following advice regarding social distancing, risk assessments and strict hygiene.

How is online therapy delivered?

Maintaining the privacy of the people we support has been a consideration in the platforms we will use to deliver online therapy.

Online sessions can be delivered via Zoom Video, which is an easy to use video platform with includes features including chat, HD video and audio, and screen sharing options that our therapists will use to engage with the person they are supporting.

We are also offering video calls for participants and their supports who would prefer to connect with us this way.

In the lead up to all online sessions, our therapists will be in touch with everyone attending the session to help them prepare for the session.  This includes supporting them to set up their device and download software if needed.

We are supporting our therapists with additional training and tools so they can deliver engaging, outcomes-focused online therapy sessions to participants.

Do you have any questions?

If you or the person you are supporting have any questions about our therapy services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 179 131.