October 9, 2020

On Monday, many children in Victoria are transitioning back to onsite learning.

As children have been learning from home for some time, it’s natural that they may be feeling anxious or uncertain about what to expect with a new school routine.

While every child and family is different, we asked our therapists for some tips that families can use to help their child and family to adjust to the new routine.

Over the weekend:

  • check-in with your child about how they are feeling. Are they feeling anxious or excited? If they are feeling worried about being back at school. It will help if you reassure them what will be the same and what might be different.
  • encourage your child to prepare for Monday. This can include laying out their school uniform, packing their school bag, and thinking about a morning tea or lunch they will enjoy. Younger children may need some extra help to build their skills to do this.
  • pictures or drawings can also help children to know what to expect, or the steps they need to take to get ready by themselves.  The Association for Children with Disabilities has created a great, easy to understand story about returning to school.

On Monday:

  • give your child more time than usual to get ready for school
  • speak to your child’s teacher or learning support worker about how they can support your child to adjust to the new routine
  • help your child to express how they are feeling and what they need from their teacher when in the classroom
  • check-in with your child’s teacher to see how your child went and if they need anything to make the transition smoother.

Speak to your Everyday Independence therapist if you would like tailored support to help your child to adjust to returning to the classroom.