May 3, 2022

Rosie De Nobile joined Everyday Independence as a graduate speech pathologist through the Everyday Flying Start Program.

Like many in Rosie’s situation, one of her key considerations when evaluating graduate opportunities was the level of support provided by the organisation to ensure a smooth transition from university to work.

At Everyday Independence, we understand the importance of setting you up for success and what it takes in those first 12 months to build your skills and confidence as a practitioner.

Rosie says “Looking back on my new graduate year, I’m so grateful for the mentoring and support provided at Everyday Independence. The quality and frequency of mentoring that is offered is something I really value about working here”.

Find us at the Speech Pathology Australia Conference in Melbourne from 22-25 May and understand how you’ll be supported to become an amazing Speech Pathologist in your first 12 months at Everyday Independence.

We’re also hosting The Everyday Flying Start Online Graduate Careers at 6 pm on Tuesday, 24 May, where you’ll hear from current Everyday Independence graduates about their experience.