October 27, 2017

Reach your pOTential 

This week we celebrate OT week so it is a great opportunity to talk about the many ways our Occupational Therapists (OT’s) can help people of all stages of life reach their full potential.
At Everyday Independence our OT’s work with people across the lifespan, focusing on the occupations that bring meaning to their lives. 
The diverse work ranges from handwriting and sensory integration programs for children through to stroke rehabilitation and care needs assessments for adults and seniors.
Lilly, an OT who is based in our Barwon team said it’s incredible being able to make a genuine difference in someone’s life. 
“I love personalising a client’s journey and making sure they can live their life their way”, she said. 
OT’s find ways for you or a family member to do tasks more easily in all parts of your lives. OT’s do this through asking about and seeing what you can do. 
When they know about your movement and strength in any particular activity, OT’s can give you advice about how best to do something more easily and safely. 
“Most clients I see often don’t realise their true potential and my favourite part of my job is being able to open a person’s eyes to the endless possibilities they have”, Lilly said. 
Over the school holidays, Lilly facilitated a program – Looking Good, Feeling Great which is a self-care and grooming group developed and led by occupational therapists for girls aged 10 -17 run through Everyday Independence. 
The aim of the program is to learn about healthy hygiene habits and practice a range of beauty and self care skills and techniques. 
As an OT, Lilly was able to adapt the program to ensure all the participants were able to thrive in the group and participate in the activities. 
“At the end of the program, it was great to see the girls forming friendships with each other and their confidence and self-esteem developed in a really positive way”, she said. 
Problem solving and thinking outside the box in a variety of situations were key elements in making sure the program ran smoothly. 
“I believe that we are all capable of anything as long as we have someone to believe in us. If you can think it, you can do it and its my role as an OT to come up with a way so they can”, Lilly said.
OT week helps promote the many ways occupational therapy can help people at all stages of life to reach their full potential. 
Celebrate Occupational Therapy during OT Week 22-28 October 2017 and join the conversation #OTWEEK2017