March 2, 2022

Huge Congratulations to Nikki Toy – Therapy Consultant and long-serving champion for change at Everyday Independence. We’re so proud to share her success in having a paper accepted by OT Exchange 2022 which she will present in person on June 9/10th.

Entitled Developing theoretical frameworks for working with people with lifelong disability, Nikki has played a central role in helping to refine our model to best support people living with life-long disabilities. She is a key driver of our model at Everyday Independence as we continue to strive for and achieve greater outcomes for our participants.

This acknowledgement recognises our ongoing commitment to changing the game for all Australians living with disability and demonstrates what’s possible for others working in the disability sector.

Having a solid evidence-based model sitting at the heart of how we deliver services at Everyday Independence ensures best practice, greater consistency, and better outcomes for all.

In the words of Leanne Healey, founder of Everyday Independence, “Nikki has gathered all the threads and grounded her thinking on the absolute essence of why Everyday Independence exists. This theoretical framework is about achieving quality of life, which we all strive for as humans, but some of us need more guidance, help and support to achieve that”

We look forward to hearing you share this wonderful piece of work at the 2022 OT Exchange on June 9-10th in Melbourne.

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