October 2, 2019

Meet Sonia Borg, occupational therapist and Team Leader of our Wyndham team.

Sonia has been a member of the Everyday Independence Derrimut team for a little over a year and has recently taken up the position of Team Leader in our Wyndham site.

We chat to Sonia about what she’s enjoys most about being an occupational therapist, her new role as Team Leader and what she sees as good service in the disability sector.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’ve been working as an occupational therapist for 10 years, specialising in paediatrics and more recently, positive behaviour support. I have an interest in the development of play skills and the development of eating skills.

Prior to joining Everyday Independence, I worked at a specialist school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 6 years and in a small private practice.

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my family. I have two cheeky children, aged 5 and 3 years who keep me busy. I also like to unwind by going to a weekly Pilates class.

What do you enjoy about your role as an occupational therapist?

There is something special about watching and supporting children and their families to develop skills that lead to an independent life. Some days I’ll be supporting a child to develop their social skills by attending their local sporting club with them. Other days I might be in a classroom, supporting a child to develop strategies to maximise their learning.  Every day is different.

I believe the ability to play is so important in childhood so being involved in developing the play skills of children is something that I am particularly passionate about.

What are you most excited about in your role as a team leader?

I’m excited to be leading the therapy team in Wyndham. We’re currently a small team, but we will quickly grow to meet the therapy needs of the people in this region.

The therapists and the Practice and Participant Support team in Wyndham are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. On a personal note, they’re a fun bunch to work with.   I’m excited to be working together with them to support people with disabilities to lead a good everyday life.

What do you think good service looks like in the disability sector?

I think good service in the disability sector is as simple as understanding what is important to the person we are supporting . When we know this, we can support them with therapy that helps them to achieve their goals.