To celebrate Speech Pathology Week 2019 we’re sharing a beautiful story about Jess.

Jess has been working together with our Speech Pathologist Amanda, from our Newcastle team since December last year to develop her communication skills.

Amanda has been supporting Jess to speak confidently with people outside of Jess’ family and to use the phone with confidence.   They also did a lot of preparations to support Jess to fulfil her ultimate goal of speaking confidently with her favourite band Human Nature, who she was meeting in May.

When Jess first started therapy she was extremely shy, and had difficulty speaking in full sentences to people outside of her family.

Jess and Amanda’s therapy sessions involved a lot of community activities such as making enquiries over the counter at places like chemists, banks, music shops and department stores, and ordering meals at cafes.

They practised speaking on the phone to build Jess’ confidence and did a lot of role playing to prepare Jess to be able to ask questions and make comments to her favourite member of the band, Mike.

“I was so pleased for Jess when she called me after she met with Human Nature because she sounded so happy.

Before Jess started Speech Pathology sessions, she would stumble over her words and ask someone else to speak for her as she was too nervous and self-conscious.  Now she knows that she can speak for herself and this has made a huge difference to her life.

As a Speech Pathologist, it is so rewarding to see the difference Speech Pathology can make in a person’s life.  I have really enjoyed supporting Jess and I look forward to continuing to work with her on her next set of goals.” said Amanda.