This month the Everyday Independence Victorian teams underwent the DHHS Human Services Standards Assessment carried out by independent assessors. This assessment is a requirement for every DHHS Registered Disability Provider and we are very pleased to report that Everyday Independence will be recommended for accreditation with no corrective actions.

As an organisation we are delighted with this outcome and wanted to share with you feedback we received:

•  Everyday Independence’s capacity for review, reflection and connectedness was considered a standout and the assessors said our ability to support employees and clients is exceptional.

• The assessors could see passion at every level of the organisation, and it was recognised that our commitment to excellence is at the forefront of everything we do.

• With respect to our work environments, the assessors identified our focus on building capacity in natural environments, where people live, work, learn and play is open and transparent and we include the participant in the whole journey.

• It was noted that our empowerment of the participant and the focus on achieving outcomes is exceptional.

• The assessors reflected that everyone at Everyday Independence lives and breathes the values.

• Our participatory focus was seen as a real strength as we engage and communicate with networks and support everyone (participants and team members) to reach their full potential.

Whilst there was no need for any corrective actions (which means we passed with flying colours!), the auditors did identify some opportunities for improvement to help us continue to be at the highest level of performance.

These included a review of board performance on an annual basis, developing a register to list all legislation relevant to the organisation, providing additional details including participants right to withdraw consent and developing a framework for customer and stakeholder engagement. We will work to address the areas of improvement over the coming months.

As an organisation we are thrilled with the outcome of the assessment. The result reinforces that you can have confidence that Everyday Independence has high quality and robust systems and processes in place and we are delivering on our goal of being an evidence based, person centred practice. To learn more about the DHHS Human Services Standards visit the DHHS website