Today, we celebrate Social Work Day 2022 and celebrate social workers’ unwavering commitment to defending social justice & the human rights of people with disabilities.

We are incredibly fortunate to have 32 Social Workers working in teams across Australia as Early Childhood Key Workers and Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners.  They bring their knowledge and expertise to support children and adults in improving their social connectedness, participating more in everyday life, and enhancing their well-being.

We hear from two of our Social Workers who work as Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners to share what being a Social Worker means to them.

As Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners, Gabi and Courtnay work closely with people who use challenging behaviours, and their trusted supports, to understand what triggers their challenging behaviours. They then recommend strategies to reduce and/or eliminate those behaviours and any associated restrictive practices to enhance the person’s quality of life.

“Being a social worker means many things to me. A large part is being an advocate for people, really seeing them for who they are and what they can offer. Giving people the opportunity to grow, learn and lead a good life.
I have always loved working with people and helping them reach their goals and reach their full potential. I find people fascinating and enjoy learning about behaviours, psychology, and different forms of communication. It’s all about understanding and positively impacting people’s lives” — Gabi, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in our Ballarat team.

“Being a social worker is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. I get to work with amazing participants who aim to do their best within the situation they may be in. My favourite part of my role as a Behaviour Support Practitioner is supporting individuals to accomplish their goals and strive towards the best outcome.” Ellie, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, Launceston team.

We also hear from two Social Workers and Early Childhood Key Workers  Courtnay and Emma about what being a Social Worker means to them.

Courtnay and Emma deliver early intervention to support families to use opportunities in their child’s everyday life to build their skills and be included in family and community life.

“I strongly believe in person-centred practice, providing individuals with equal opportunity and support to become the best version of themselves.  Courtnay, Key Worker, Northern Brisbane team.

“I have a genuine interest and compassion for working with families and aim to support people in identifying their own strengths and abilities and work through any barriers that may be preventing them from living to their full potential.” Emma, Southern Brisbane team.

Thank you to all our Social Workers for your commitment and dedication to supporting people with disabilities to build their skills and confidence to participate more in everyday life.