With a workforce of around 90 per cent women, Everyday Independence celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) and acknowledges the achievements and contributions of women working in the disability sector worldwide.

Here at Everyday Independence, we have so many authentic and inspiring women. To honour IWD, we asked five women to discuss the impact bias has had on their careers, why IWD is important and how to encourage more women into leadership roles.

IWD at Everyday Independence

The IWD focuses on creating an equal world free of bias, discrimination, and stereotypes is a better world for everyone, particularly for women living with disabilities. We also recognise that we must challenge the status quo and actively call out bias and inequality when we see it.

Our online panel discussion featured a few of our inspiring leaders – Liz Pearson, National Chief Operations Manager; Team Leader and Occupational Therapist, Nanette van der Merwe; Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Suzie Kutic; People and Transformation Executive Lead, Roxanne Strauss; and Regional Lead and Occupational Therapist, Brianna Grigg all spoke about their personal experiences of bias and its impact on their careers.

The event was informative and fun-filled with inspirational goal setting and practical ways to challenge the biases around the impact of having children on women’s careers, the impact of stereotypes on the careers of our panel and steps we can take to support women move into leadership roles.

The panel also discussed how they are inspired by the belief that inclusion and equality are possible for all Australians (and all humans)!

We also ended up with a very impressive dinner party guest list as suggested by our panel. Who wouldn’t want to see Beyonce and Joan of Arc chatting about #breakingthebias with input from Kate Sheppard?


The Everyday Independence board comprises 50 per cent women and has an executive team of 80 per cent women. With a significant majority of women in our workforce, we are committed to supporting women in leadership positions. Under the social model, we champion our participants, regardless of gender, with an approach to therapy that changes the game and enables them to live more of an everyday life as respected community members.

Supporting a Charity Making an On-the-Ground Difference

As part of our IWD activities, we also asked our team members to donate sanitary items to Share the Dignity. This charity works to benefit those in crisis experiencing period poverty directly. Thanks to our team members, a range of period products will be distributed directly to charities across Australia through Share the Dignity.

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