December 3, 2021

Today marks the 30th annual International Day of People with Disability, a day that celebrates disability and advocates for a society where everyone feels equal, included and accepted in their community.

As a team, we have the privilege of working alongside people with disabilities across the country and seeing them reveal their true abilities when the barriers holding them back are removed.

Today is a reminder of the importance for all Australians to actively dismantle the systematic barriers that prevent people with disabilities from feeling equal, included and accepted in their community.

Adam – a testament to positive change 

In celebrating today, Adam shares his story of living with Autism. Adam loves participating in church services and has been busy raising awareness of what it’s like to live with autism and how this impacts his social interactions so that his church community can better understand and support him.

“Having Autism has affected my life in a big way, most crucially with my relationships. I wanted to put together a video to share information that I hope will help to understand what it’s like to live with Autism, and some helpful tips to help support me in being part of the church community,” said Adam.

Being able to advocate for himself and others with disabilities has given him autonomy and a great sense of pride. He was especially thrilled to be able to express his needs and feelings in a positive and meaningful way. Read Adam’s story

To the people we support, and people with disabilities across Australia – enjoy your day today. We’ll be celebrating your achievements and contributions with you.

Friday 3 December 2021