People living with disabilities are often underestimated, and barriers in their surroundings or the attitudes and actions of others can reduce the opportunities they have to fully participate in the community.

At Everyday Independence, our promise is to support you and your family’s desire to live full and happy lives. We do this by working under the social model of disability, or what we like to call “The Everyday Way”. Under this model, disability is socially constructed. That is, we don’t try and ‘fix’ or ‘change’ a person’s impairment, but rather remove the barriers in their environment and/ or help to change the attitudes of people around them and in the community, because people with a disability have the right to fully participate in the community on an equal basis with others.

The Everyday Way to achieving your potential

  • We’ll encourage you to think big and discover what’s possible in everyday life with the right supports and team around you
  • We’ll help you build on your strengths and interests, so your boundaries expand, confidence and skills build, and participation in your community increases
  • We’ll support you on a journey that provides opportunities to engage meaningfully in the community, not as a bystander, but in ways that support your inclusion in everyday life, and leads to living to your full potential.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Getting to know you. We’ll explore what’s working and the barriers getting in your way, including where and how you live, work and play
  • Understanding your goals and aspirations. We’ll gain insight into what you enjoy doing, and where you spend your time, so we can help you achieve your potential with achievable steps
  • Coming to you in your community. We deliver therapy in the places that matter most to you, as they’re best places to build up your everyday skills and confidence. These may be at your home, school, workplace, gym, park, beach or local shopping centre.
  • Building the skills of your support team. To achieve your potential and a better quality of life, we’ll build the skills of those around you, so that you’re better supported.
  • Working as a team with other therapists. We’ll team you up with a Primary Therapist or an Early Childhood Key Worker (for families with children under the age of 7) to help you plan your therapy journey and services, so that you receive the right support at the right time.

The Everyday Way we provide services empowers people to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. We have seen great outcomes for people when they realise their own potential and work towards specific, measurable goals.

Find out more about how we can support you and your family’s desire to live full and happy lives. Complete an online form and one of our Access team members will be in touch.