April 27, 2021

Our therapists incorporate their client’s interests or routines into their therapy sessions and this often takes them into many of our beautiful parks and open spaces.

Parks are ideal spaces for working on goals such as improving your mobility, strength, balance, coordination, social skills, and communication skills.

We love parks because they are a great space to:

  • practice your bike riding skills away from cars and other distractions
  • learn a new sport and build your confidence to join your local sporting team
  • challenge your mobility by walking on grass or different terrains, or accessing smooth paths so you can exercise safely
  • meet your sensory needs by using swings, gym equipment, and open spaces to move your bodies in a way you enjoy
  • socialise with other people and connect with your local community.

Tracey is a Physiotherapist and Team Leader in our South Eastern Sydney team.  She often takes her clients to their local park for their physiotherapy sessions so they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine while working on their goals.

Tracey’s tip: check the availability of gym equipment in your local parks:

Free Outdoor Gyms Melbourne
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