January 17, 2019

At Everyday Independence we support children and adults of all ages to achieve their goals.

Meet Ruth, her goal was to enter the workforce after an acquired brain injury when she was a child impacted her memory and her ability to process information and she had spent many years in treatment and rehabilitation.

A job opportunity arose working in an administrative role at Everyday Independence in 2015 and Ruth felt it was a great fit for her to give it a go.

Prior to applying for the role, Ruth had volunteered in various disability support workplaces to develop her skills and confidence. It was through word of mouth and forming relationships with therapists which enabled her growth and potential for being ‘work ready’ to surface.

When asked what she loves most about her job, Ruth is quick to reply that she especially values being part of a team that creates such positive change in people with disabilities in her community.

Ruth still experiences challenges as a result of her injury especially in relation to digesting and learning new information which can cause her to feel flustered and tempted to give it all away however she knows that she has the support and assistance at work to overcome these challenges. If she is uncertain of something she knows who to ask for help so that she can complete her role effectively.

Ruth has the following advice for others who may be looking to join the workforce, but are uncertain about what type of job they may be suited to:

    • Brainstorm by writing down everything you enjoy doing. Then try to think of jobs that involve these interests or skills.
    • Keep in mind that timing is everything so talk to as many family and friends as possible. People might know someone who may lead you to what you’re searching for.
    • Continue to volunteer as much as possible.

We are very fortunate to have Ruth as part of our team at Everyday Independence and encourage anyone living with a disability who wants to join the workforce to focus on their abilities and look for every opportunity to pursue their goal.