Our approach is driven by a passion to support people to meet their goals in reaching their potential and enjoying an everyday life.

We know that people develop and grow when they are engaged in activities that are relevant to them. We not only intuitively know this but it is what the research tells us. This is why our therapy is focused on delivering on what is important to the person and importantly is delivered where a person lives, works, learns or plays.

Here are some examples of the type of work we do:

  • If it is important to the child to develop strategies to get ready for school by themselves our therapist will be in the family home at 7.00am and work with the child and family to establish routines for this to happen.
  • If a person seeks to participate in a community activity we will walk alongside the person as they attend the community activity and provide support so that the goal can be achieved.

As an organisation we are unique in our ability to support people at every life stage and during those important transition periods in a persons life. Our size and the breadth of talented therapists allows us to achieve highly personalised and meaningful outcomes across a broad range of support areas. Our unique team therapy approach allows participants to get the most out of two or more allied health professionals working together.

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