This is Zayne! He’s just turned two and loves Peppa Pig, big sounds, puzzles and playing with blocks with mum.

Sydney based early childhood Key Worker, Hope delivers NDIS early intervention services to Zayne and his family. Hope provides Zayne’s therapy and gives his mum advice and support to find opportunities in Zayne’s daily routine to develop his speech and build skills to manage his emotions when he feels overwhelmed.

To help Zayne play pretend with simple food items, connect with mum, and babble, we gifted him toys through our Everyday Magic program. These included a Peppa Pig shopping basket, play cupcakes with a singing register, and a furry friend to take to the shops when he’s overwhelmed.

Zayne was thrilled and responded to his name to come open presents! He shared his pretend doughnut with his mum and tried to put the shapes in the right holes. Not to mention he was babbling and had a three turn conversation.

Well done Zayne.

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