Physiotherapist Mathew has the pleasure of working with Oo Reh who is receiving support throught the NDIS.  Mathew has been supporting Oo Reh with physiotherapy to increase his activity during the day, and work towards taking part in community recreational activities once COVID restrictions are lifted.

Oo Reh is completely blind in one eye with reduced vision in the other. He also lost both arms at the elbow in an accident which impacts his ability to play some of the sports he played before his accident.

Mathew used our Everyday Magic program to purchase a soccer ball for Oo Reh so he can play by himself, and with his support worker.

As the video shows, Oo Reh is naturally gifted at soccer as this was his first time playing soccer.

Oo Reh is now playing soccer every day in his garden, sometimes twice a day and he is very keen to play in a team when community sport starts again.

Despite not speaking the same language, Oo Reh and Mathew have really positive sessions and lots of fun along the way.

Well done Oo Reh! We are so impressed with your soccer skills and look forward to hearing an update when you’ve joined a local soccer team.

The Everyday Magic program is our social initiative which enables a therapist to purchase items that can positively impact a person’s life.